KGVA 88.1 FM

"Get the Message Out"

KGVA is an educational, non-commercial, public radio station serving the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation and surrounding communities. KGVA was  established in 1996 and licensed through Aaniiih Nakoda College, previously known as Fort Belknap College. KGVA  will serve the educational, informational and cultural needs of Indians and  non-Indians, both on the reservation and in the nearby communities. It will  serve four purposes: (1) To bring National Public Radio to this large  unserved area; (2) To provide a key emergency alerting system to service  this windy region beset by climate extremes; (3) Promote the educational  mission of Aaniiih Nakoda College; and (4) To increase the social and  economic well being by facilitating interaction between Indian and non-Indian  communities. KGVA broadcasts on a 90-kilowatt transmitter serving over  25,000 people in a coverage area of 9,491 square miles.

Our Story

The call letters KGVA signify the two tribes of Fort Belknap the Gros-Ventre and Assinibione.

Our Mission

KGVA's mission is to "Get the Message Out", by serving as a vital communications tool for the Native American and non-Native American communities within the station's service area. KGVA will be inclusive, serving all communities to create a cohesion among people of different backgrounds. KGVA will provide programming that fulfills the cultural, educational and entertainment needs of the community. KGVA is an extended service of Aaniiih Nakoda College.

Station Senior/Executive Management

Will Gray Jr. – Station Manager

Board Members
Rob Adams – Chair
Robert Fox
Minerva Allen
Nancy Stiffarm
Johnathan Walker
Financial Statement

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